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How To Book Online

Scheduling online is the best way to book an appointment with me!

If you are a new guest, please click HERE to be redirected to the New Client page.

Please include in your notes...

  • What you are looking to get done

  • The last time you had your hair colored

  • About how long your hair is currently (ex: above shoulders, below shoulders, mid-back)

  • Are you looking to make a change to your cut & color, or maintain what you have?


All you have to do is click the Book Now button! If I have any questions, I will reach out to you. 

"Jordan is just amazing. I love when she cuts my hair, but her joy at doing Vivid colors is just the best. She knows my music and TV choices and has those playing when I get there, and she had the best sense of humor. When they say your hairdresser is your therapist, it's true! I always leave with a huge smile and feeling lighter of spirit, and not just hair."

-Megan L.

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