With COVID-19 still being active, I know you are wondering what to expect from your future salon experience.


I am here to give you peace of mind.

Rest assured, I am taking every precaution that I can to ensure everyone's safety.

I know with some of you, going to the salon sounds like a very scary thing to do.

So I just wanted to paint you a little picture of what to expect at your future salon visit to make you feel excited and comfortable!


When you arrive at The Sun Valley Salon Suites, stay in your car and message me when you arrive. You can message me on my Facebook or Instagram pages

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I will let you know if I am ready for you. The exterior doors stay locked to keep the capacity at a minimum and to make sure there is nobody waiting in the lobby. If any of the stylists are not ready for their client, they are asked to kindly wait outside or within the comfort of their own car until the stylist is ready.

When I have properly sanitized with my State Board approved disinfectants, I will greet you at the door and walk you to my suite!

Masks are no longer required but if you still choose to wear one that is absolutely okay. My main focus is making every person feel safe and comfortable.

I have brought back my refreshments as of February! They are all individually packaged and sealed for your safety.

Feeling excited about getting your hair done now? Click the button below to request an appointment with me!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out!