Fashion Girl

Womens' Cut $62

This includes a relaxing shampoo and blowout to finish

Shampoo & Blowout $40

This service consists of a luxurious shampoo and a round brush blow dry for a smooth finish.

Styling Session $50

With this service, we will go over all of the tips, tricks, and products that best fit your hair needs. I'll teach you how to recreate your salon makeover at home! Includes a shampoo, condition and luxurious blowout

Full Color $100+

A single color applied directly to the scalp all the way to the ends covering every strand.

Root Retouch $75+

For color painted directly onto the scalp completely covering every strand

(First 1/2" to 1+1/2" only)

Full-Head Highlights $130+

Individually foiled highlights starting at the nape of the neck, followed all the way up to the hairline.

Partial Highlights $110+

Highlights foiled covering the crown, hairline/ face frame, and partline.


Mini Highlight $85+

This service is considered a mini highlight. Includes 7-10 foils to create a pop of color for added dimension.

Balayage $190+

Hand painted accent pieces leaving bits of hair left uncolored throughout for maximum dimension.

Vivids Color $95/hr.

This service includes a customized vivids (A.K.A. mermaid haircolor) color application, shampoo, condition and blow-dry style to finish. If pre-lightening is needed, it will also be included in the hourly pricing. (Service typically takes 4-6 hours)


Color Correction $95/hr.

This is a complete overhaul service! Whether you have box color you are trying to remove, you had an oopsy at another salon or at home, this service will be for you. This can be a lengthy service and an in depth consult is required.



A higher price will be in effect for longer and/or thicker hair to account for added product, application time, and added drying time. Actual price may vary depending on your particular situation.

Brow wax $10

Brow and Lip $15

Brow, Lip & Chin $20

All waxing services are used with hard wax, followed by soothing CBD pain relief cream for comfort.